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to the community’s voice regarding the proposed legislation.

PAUSE the new Short Term Vacation Rental Legislation (STVR).

Introducing updated language to be used from hereon:

Transient Accommodation Rental (TAR)

The County Council is moving too fast with overly complicated and burdensome legislation that will not solve our housing crisis.

The proposed legislation seeks to limit homeowners’ rights to rent out a portion of their home for less than 180 days with a burdensome permit process, expensive and recurring fees and exceptionally high fines for non-compliance. Many will be denied because of where they live or because of building permit requirements.

Ask the County why they would . . .

  1. . . . require a permit for a rental for 90 days, but not 181?
  2. . . . require a non-conforming use certificate for common residential use?
  3. . . . develop a registration process that would increase the workload on an already understaffed building and planning department?
  4. . . . seek to require homeowners, who are just trying to make ends meet, pay high registration fees?
  5. . . . impose such substantial fines of $10,000 or more?

The County proposes TAR legislation to protect the public from parking, noise and general nuisance issues at transient rentals as well as ensure public safety in the rentals.

Ask the County:

1) Why not support consistent enforcement of all noise, parking, and nuisance complaints through existing county code? Don’t all residents have a right to this protection? Not just those living next to transient rentals?
2) Why aren’t health and safety standards enforced in all residences? Why is the county choosing selective enforcement on transient accommodations?

Ask the County Council to ALLOW homeowner classification and exemptions on the entire property that is the owner’s primary residence. If the proposed legislation helps identify all TARs and increase transient tax collection, why not further welcome full participation by allowing a tax break for owner hosted rentals?


  • We can create affordable housing units by incentivizing homeowners and reforming zoning laws instead of limiting homeowners use of their property with new regulations.
  • The County Council can focus on supporting efforts to enforce our existing laws regarding noise, parking, and permit violations.


There will be multiple opportunities for us to testify before the decision/legislation is voted on. Take time to learn about the proposal and what the consequences could be for homeowners…and for affordable housing.

For more information visit the county’s website and fill out the feedback form.

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