Protect Our Property Rights, Jobs, and Economy:

Say NO to Proposed TAR Legislation

This proposed legislation financially harms local families, reduces housing security and in part, is contrary to existing Hawaii Revised Statutes.

The challenge of providing attainable and affordable housing in Hawaii County necessitates the removal of development barriers like prohibitive zoning, addressing infrastructure issues, and offering incentives to developers. Restricting vacation rental properties alone won’t solve the housing crisis, as it fails to address the fundamental housing needs of the community.

Big Island residents, we need your voice to protect homeowners’ rights, jobs and the economy. Short-term rentals are under attack from the county government, even though these properties are crucial to homeowners, workers and businesses. On the Big Island it’s common to rent a room or home to help pay the bills. These rentals are invaluable to local people and businesses who come here from other islands for a temporary job or seasonal work, which in turn helps the community. These rentals are also invaluable to local people who rely on them for work including handyman, landscapers, cleaning service, maintenance, etc. In addition, people who live here depend on short-term rentals for temporary housing in cases where they cannot qualify for long term housing. This Transient Accommodation Rental (TAR) legislation will hurt our people and our economy.

The County Council is proposing overly complicated and burdensome legislation that would impose the following:

  1. Requirement of a registration for any rental for less than 180 days.
  2. Substantial fines of up to $10,000 or more and renewal fees up to 800% higher.
  3. Requirement of a non-conforming use certificate for common residential use.
  4. Restrictions that dictate which part of a property may be rented out.
  5. Requirement of homeowners to convert their wastewater systems significantly sooner than state law requires.

Learn More and Join the Fight Against Restrictive TAR Legislation

  • Short-term rentals play a crucial role in our tourism and local economy, creating jobs and income for our community.
  • This legislation will hurt those on the lower socio-economic spectrum by forcing them to pay onerous registration and renewal fees. They are also potentially subject to extraordinarily high fees and fines for trivial infractions.
  • Locals returning to the islands to visit or care for family rely on short-term rentals for convenient places to stay close to their loved ones.
  • Residents from other islands use short-term rentals on the Big Island for temporary and seasonal work, visiting ohana, helping others make ends meet and keep the Big Island’s economy healthy.
  • Housing supply for participants and supporters of Merrie Monarch, Ironman, and similar events would sharply decrease while demand continues.
  • Short-term rentals generate significant tax revenue, benefiting year-round residents and supporting essential community services and infrastructure.
  • Vacation rental owners pay both County and State Transient Accommodation Tax and State General Excise Tax totaling 17.75% of each room night occupied.
  • Big Island residents overwhelmingly agree that property owners should be able to rent out their private property as they see fit, as long as safety and use standards are met.
  • Homeowners have the right to rent out their property as they see fit, supporting property rights and financial security.


The solution to providing attainable, affordable, and workforce housing is not easily achieved. It requires the County to remove barriers to development such as prohibitive zoning; improve infrastructure issues such as wastewater and freshwater availability; and creating incentives that attract developers. Punishing those who have chosen to create business here, pay taxes, contribute to their communities, and call Hawai’i their home is not the solution to the housing problem. No matter how many restrictions are placed on vacation rental properties, they will not provide the adequate housing desperately needed in Hawaii County.


There will be multiple opportunities for us to testify before the decision/legislation is voted on. Take time to learn about the proposal and what the consequences could be for homeowners…and for affordable housing.

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The proposed TAR bill will hurt the Big Island and ultimately the State. Tell the County you oppose this legislation!

Together, we can protect our economy, housing options, property rights, and support our vibrant island community.

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